I am delighted to welcome our new colleague, Dr. Leandro Freylejer!  Dr. Freylejer started his Assistant Professor position in the Department of Economics in July.

Dr. Freylejer earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Toronto, after completing a MA Economics (Queen’s University) and BA Economics (University of Manitoba).  His research and teaching centres on international trade, macroeconomics and econometrics and he is particularly interested in how the interaction of firms, workers, and government shape the patterns and outcomes of global trade. He combines theory and empirics in his research, and has worked with US, Indian and Canadian data.

Before joining UNBC, Dr. Freylejer taught at the University of Toronto and was a researcher on a SSHRC/CURA funded research project focused on living standards.

In the fall semester, Dr. Freylejer will be teaching ECON 498/698 Special Topics: International Macroeconomics; and in the winter semester, he will be teaching ECON 101 Macroeconomics and Econ 311 Intermediate Macroeconomics.

Leandro’s office is 3071 Charles McCaffray Hall. Please drop by and welcome him to UNBC.

Fiona MacPhail, Chair, Department of Economics

The Department of Economics would like to Congradulate the Graduating students of 2018!

Economics is concerned with how societies provide for the well-being of their citizens and residents, along with public policies to promote well-being. Faculty members in the Department of Economics are excellent teachers and committed to providing students with an active learning and inclusive environment, and to developing knowledge of contemporary issues and practical thinking skills. Economics courses address a range of current issues, such as: what are the impacts of carbon taxes? How can health care be efficiently and equitably provided? Should water be privatized? What is the best portfolio choice to maximize my investment?

Our graduates have found well-paying and satisfying careers in various fields in the private and public sectors, as well as successfully undertaking graduate studies.

Please do check out what our students say and explore the degrees our Department offers.

Fiona MacPhail
Chair, Department of Economics

Ananya’s MA project “Building a Network of Clean Energy Systems has been published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and is available at the following link :  https://www.policyalternatives.ca/bc-student-papers