Travel Bookings

Current Travel Deals

The Edmonton International Airport (EIA) now has a direct flight from Prince George to Edmonton with Central Mountain Air. All Prince George travelers are eligible for the Edmonton International Airport Rewards Program.


UNBC has joined other post-secondary institutions in British Columbia in partnering with one of the largest independent travel management companies in western Canada, UNIGLOBE One Travel. We are pleased to offer enhanced services and support to our travelers.

Travelers must sign up for the UNIGLOBE One Travel Program prior to booking travel. UNIGLOBE Travel One Program profiles can be assigned to anyone who does travel booking on someone else's behalf once they have created their own profile.

For billing purposes, a UNBC MasterCard is required to set up a profile. Travelers must also have a credit card in their name to reserve hotels and car rentals through UNIGLOBE One Travel and must pay on arrival. Visit the Forms web page to apply for a UNBC MasterCard.

UNIGLOBE One Travel Contact Information

1-844-905-3824 (select option 1)

UNIGLOBE One Travel Fees (inclusive of GST)

  • Online Reservation (Including Air, Hotel and Vehicle Rental) - $11
  • Online Reservation (Hotel and/or Car Only) - $5
  • Domestic Reservation (Including Air, Hotel and Vehicle Rental) - $29
  • Transborder Reservation (Including Air, Hotel and Vehicle Rental) - $35
  • International Reservation (Including Air, Hotel and Vehicle Rental) - $39
  • Hotel and or Vehicle Rental (without Air) - $8
  • Exchange - $25 (Refund $20)
  • After Hours Support - $9 per call

Per Diem

Per Diem cannot be claimed for cost charged to the UNBC procurement card. To claim a per diem use the "Travel Claim" form on the Finance website.

Travel Reimbursement

Domestic Travel

While travelling on University business in Canada a per diem allowance should be claimed to cover meal and incidental costs while away from home. Employees who are travelling partial days or attending functions where meals are provided should claim only those meals for which they incurred the expense. Employees who are traveling partial days (departing or arriving part way through the day) should claim only those meals which occur after the trip commences and before the trip ends. Employees who are attending functions where meals are provided are not to claim for these. Employees should only claim when the meal is not provided.

Effective April 1, 2001, the total allowable per diem is $54.00 (if travel occurs in the United States, the reimbursement will be based on US funds) split as follows: Breakfast $12.00 Lunch $15.00 Dinner $22.00 Incidentals $ 5.00 It should be noted that the meal per diem incorporates the cost of the food, beverage and gratuity as well as any incidental costs. While $54.00 is the daily maximum, it is acceptable to claim less than that amount if desired. Receipts are not required when claiming a per diem.

International Travel

While travelling internationally on University business the per diem allowance will be reimbursed at 75% of the Federal Treasury Board rates for the country visited as described in the Treasury Board Travel Directive, Appendix D – Allowances.1 Allowances in the United States of America are the same as in Canada but paid in US funds.

Meal Expenses - Business Meeting

When a business meeting is conducted over a meal, the associated costs may be claimed (for food, beverages and gratuity). Original receipts must be submitted when requesting reimbursement and must indicate the purpose or nature of the University business discussions and identify, by name, all individuals attending. Please ensure that the per diem for this meal is not also claimed.