For any advertising with the Citizen, or any other publication, the following procedures are to be adhered to:

  • You are responsible for the content of the Ad
  • Take into consideration the University's graphic standards
  • You make the arrangements for placing the advertisement, but Purchasing commits the University to the payment
  • In order for Purchasing to make the payment, you are required to do the following:
    • Submit a web req (well enough in advance)
      • ensure the selected vendor is the payee
    • Specify the type of Ad
    • Where the Ad is to appear
    • When the Ad is to appear
    • When the cut-off date and time is
    • Cost of the Ad before taxes
    • Attach a copy of the Ad to the web req
  • The University will not pay for any ads for which Purchasing has not authorized with the vendor. Any ads placed that are not authorized by Purchasing will be considered a Deviation from Policy.
While these procedures may add to the chore of getting an ad placed, they are necessary for the overall benefit of the University.