UNBC logos and graphic standards

Graphics standards play an important role in creating and maintaining a strong brand and a recognizable identity for UNBC. They are meant to maintain a standard of quality across all UNBC materials.

The UNBC Graphics Standards Manual is an official UNBC policy and therefore must be adhered to whenever and wherever a UNBC logo is used.

Official UNBC logo

This is the preferred version for all applications and must be used for those that reach audiences external to UNBC, especially beyond northern BC.

Official UNBC Logo

Official UNBC logo

Timberwolves logo

The Timberwolves logo is the property of the UNBC Athletics Department and is only to be used to identify UNBC varsity teams.

Timberwolves Logo

Timberwolves logos

UNBC Alumni logo

Contact Alumni Relations at alumni@unbc.ca for access and permission to use the UNBC Alumni logo.

UNBC Alumni logo

UNBC colours

UNBC Green and UNBC Gold are the official UNBC colours. White, black, or 100% Green may be used for the UNBC Logo and Wordmark, but any other colour including Gold or any tint of Green is not permitted unless approved by Communications and Marketing.

Purpose Format UNBC Green UNBC Gold
Professional Printing, Spot Colour, Coated Papers PantoneĀ® Coated 343 125
Professional Printing, Spot Colour, Uncoated Papers PantoneĀ® Uncoated 3435 117
Professional Printing, Full Process Colour, All Papers Process CMYK 95-15-62-58 8-31-100-19
Web Hexadecimal #035642 #B79527
Laser Printing, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Presentations RGB 3-86-66 183-149-3

UNBC typeface

Helvetica Neue is the official typeface for use in UNBC materials. It comes in several variations. If you do not have Helvetica Neue, please use Arial as an alternative.

UNBC Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms usage policy

All official UNBC heraldic symbols (Coat of Arms, Shield/Crest, Flag, Badge) may be used only on legal and/or ceremonial documents, such as student transcripts and parchments.

They are never to be used for promotional or advertising purposes, or as a substitute for the official UNBC logo. Due to the strict usage policy on the official UNBC heraldic symbols, you must first consult with us if you wish to access the downloadable files.

Learn more about our Coat of Arms