Supervisor Fundamentals Course - Effective Delegation and Motivating Teams: Leading from the Edge

Empowering employees can have a lasting effect on motivating staff, but it starts with strong leadership. The ninth component of the Supervisor Fundamentals Certificate teaches the motivational benefits of empowerment. You will discover the importance of demonstrating genuine confidence in another’s ability and how to foster growth through commitment, loyalty, and the desire to do one’s best. The course will also explore leadership qualities shared in Dennis Perkins’ Leading from the Edge – Ernest Shackleton’s Journey; an innovative experience that introduces life-and-death situations modelling motivation, delegation, resilience, situational leadership, and optimism.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover strategies for empowering employees through delegation
  • Explore how to foster growth through commitment and loyalty
  • Realize the importance of team unity – at all costs
  • Identify powerful techniques to keep a team working together
  • Discover key techniques for motivation and delegation
Prince George, BC
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