Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Certificates

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Certificates

AI is all around us – there is no better time than the present to train for a career in this transformative industry.

We are pleased to announce two new courses for those considering a career in artificial intelligence and data science.

Machine Learning Foundation Micro-credential

Machine Learning & AI Bootcamp Certificate

Machine learning and AI jobs are projected to be worth $31 billion by 2024 – gain the skills you need to find your place in this high-opportunity digital sector.

Each course is delivered online using a game-based teaching approach. Course curriculum is developed and taught by expert engineers with career progression and earning potential in mind.

Whether you are upskilling or keen to transition into a new career, these new courses offer innovative and practical future-minded learning for the career of tomorrow.

Things to know:

  • Courses are delivered via live-virtual sessions with project-focused curriculum.
  • For online courses, students must complete and turn in all assignments.
  • Instructors assess the students work and issue a grade of pass or fail.
  • Students must receive a passing grade in the course, for the course to qualify towards a micro-credential or certificate.
  • These micro-credentials and certificates are not for university degree credit.
  • When students complete all certificate requirements within the prescribed time limit, they will be able to downland a printable PDF file of their micro-credential or certificate.

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Course Requirements

Students must have a computer with a webcam to attend and participate in class discussions and exercises.