Faculty, Staff and Student Bookings

Space Booking Policies and Guidelines

NUGSS Student-led Organizations

Contact Information
Please note, the Department, Program, or Student-Led Organization named on this form is responsible for the event. This includes ensuring the space is satisfactorily setup and the attendees needs are taken care of. For example: Catering, Audio-Visual, Directional Signage, Greet Guests, and other items as required.
Event Information
Please note every attempt will be made to book the preferred location indicated, however if this space is not available another comparable space will be booked.
(i.e. u-shape, classroom style, round tables, theatre)

Or contact Eurest Dining Services at 250-960-5782 or email catering.coordinator@unbc.ca

To book A/V equipment, please call the EMS department at 250-960-6470 or email support@unbc.ca.

Please provide a general description of the purpose of the event if this information is not obvious in the event name (i.e. planning meeting, special event, reception, information seminar, youth camp, etc.)