Officers of the University

UNBC Board of Governors

(last updated January 29, 2019)

Dr. Daniel WeeksPresident and Vice Chancellor
Hon. James MooreChancellor
Ms. Tracey WolseyBoard Chair - Order-in-Council Appointment (Alumni)
Mr. Timothy CarmackOrder-in-Council Appointment (Alumni)
Mr. Aaron EkmanOrder-in-Council Appointment
Ms. Olive GodwinOrder-in-Council Appointment
Mr. Kapaldev ManhasOrder-in-Council Appointment
Ms. C.E. Lee OngmanOrder-in-Council Appointment
Mr. Andrew RobinsonOrder-in-Council Appointment
Ms. Barbara Ward-BurkittOrder-in-Council Appointment
Dr. Karin BeelerElected Faculty Member
Dr. Kerry ReimerElected Faculty Member
Mr. Michael MaslenElected Undergraduate Student Member
Ms. Christina IngramElected Graduate Student Member
Mr. Mark BarnesElected Staff Member


(last updated February 1, 2019)

Senior Administrators

Hon. James Moore - Chancellor

Dr. Daniel Weeks - President and Vice Chancellor, and Chair of Senate

Dr. Dan Ryan - Provost and Vice President, Academic

Dr. Geoff Payne - Vice President, Research and Graduate Programs

Dr. Shannon Wagner - Interim Dean, College of Arts, Social and Health Sciences

Dr. Erik Jensen - Interim Dean, College of Science and Management

Vacant - Vice Provost Student Recruitment

Dr. Mark Dale - Dean, Regional Programs

Ms. Lisa Haslett - Interim Director, Business Services and Continuing Studies

Ms. Heather Empey - Interim University Librarian

Mr. Bert Annear - Registrar and Secretary of Senate (non-voting)

College of Art, Social and Health Sciences Faculty Members

Dr. Sylvia Barton

Dr. Robert Budde

Mr. Clarence Hofsink

Ms. Gwen Keeler

Dr. Tammy Klassen-Ross

Mr. R. Antonio Muñoz Gómez

Dr. Michael Murphy

Dr. Catherine Whalen


College of Science and Management Faculty Members

Dr. David Casperson

Dr. Reza Chowdhury

Dr. Alina-Geta Constantin

Dr. Ian Hartley

Dr. Peter Jackson

Dr. Elie Korkmaz

Dr. Margot Mandy

Dr. Thomas Tannert

Dr. Roger Wheate

Faculty Members at Large

Dr. Balbinder Deo

Dr. Julia Wimmers-Klick

Students - Undergraduate

Mr. Adebayo Abass

Mr. Corey Bonnar

Ms. Emilia Caputo

Mr. Helga Holler-Busch

Ms. Gabrielle Jacob

Ms. Hailey Massingham

Students - Graduate

Ms. Kristen Hirsh-Pearson (Vice Chair)

Ms. Furqana Khan

Mr. Trevor Ritchie


Lay Senators

Mr. Dhruv Desai

Ms. Andrea Palmer

Mr. Mike Peterson

Ms. Cori Ramsay

WWNI Representative

Ms. Deanna Nyce

Regional Senators

Vacant - Northwest Region

Ms. Laurey-Anne Roodenburg - South-Central Region

Vacant - Peace River-Liard Region

Vacant - Aboriginal / First Nations Communities

Senior University Administrators Not Otherwise Elected or Appointed to Senate (non-voting members)

Mr. Tim Tribe - Vice President, University Advancement

Dr. Paul Winwood - Associate Vice President, Northern Medical Program

Ms. Anne Sommerfeld - Interim Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Mr. Leonel Roldan-Flores - Director, International Education

Mr. Greg Condon - Chief Information Officer

Ms. Heather Sanford - University Secretary

Other Representatives Not Otherwise Elected or Appointed to Senate (non-voting members)

Mr. Ethan Freseen - President of NUGSS

Mr. MD Abdul Momen - President of NBCGSS

Dr. Rheanna Robinson - Senior Advisor to the President on Aboriginal Relations

Dr. Stephen Rader - President of the Faculty Association