Course Descriptions

ANTH Anthropology
BCMB Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
BIOL Biology
CHEM Chemistry
COMM Commerce/Business Administration
COUN Counselling
CPSC Computer Science
DISM Disability Management
ECON Economics
EDUC Education
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENPL Environmental Planning
ENSC Environmental Science
ENVS Environmental and Sustainability Studies
FNST First Nations Studies
FSTY Forestry
GEOG Geography
GNDR Gender Studies
HHSC Health Sciences
HIST History
IENG Integrated Engineering
IDIS Interdisciplinary Studies
INTX International Exchange
INTS International Studies
MATH Mathematics
MCPM Mathematical, Computer, Physical, and Molecular Sciences
NRES Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
NREM Natural Resources Management
NURS Nursing
ORTM Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management
PHYS Physics
POLS Political Science
PSYC Psychology
SOCW Social Work
STAT  Statistics
VRES Visiting Research Student

Upper Division and Graduate Level Courses

Credit is not granted for both 400- and 600-level courses having the same title, unless otherwise specified in the course description.


A prerequisite course is an academic requirement that must be successfully completed prior to the student taking a course. Prerequisites are used to ensure that a student has the required background to successfully complete the course. Prerequisites may also have prerequisites. These prerequisites must also be fulfilled.

Course Offerings

Not all courses are offered every year. Check the online course schedule for a list of the courses being offered in each semester.

Course Descriptions

The explanation below will help clarify the terms found in the course descriptions.

grad course descriptions