Information for Transfer Students

Students transferring to the BSc Wildlife & Fisheries Degree at UNBC generally need to have the courses from their College or University articulated on a case-by-case basis to UNBC courses.  Usually university-level courses are given equivalent credit at UNBC.  Students who have completed a two- or three-year diploma receive specific amounts of credit for that diploma. Although the amount of transfer credit that a student receives is important, of equal importance are the specific courses that students still need to take to complete the BSc Wildlife and Fisheries.  All students transferring into the BSc Wildlife and Fisheries should see Recommended Course Progressions for the required courses that have not been given transfer credit.
In order to facilitate transfer from diploma programs into UNBC's BSc Wildlife & Fisheries Degree, we continue to develop block transfer agreements for specific diplomas.  As these agreements are completed, they will be listed on this page.  Each agreement states the number of total transfer credits that will be awarded, and provides a list of required courses that must still be fulfilled in order to meet the requirements of the BSc Wildlife & Fisheries.  Where possible, we have listed other course-by-course articulations, relevant to the Wildlife & Fisheries course requirements, that have been established between the College and UNBC.  Students who take these courses along with their diploma will be given additional credit towards the Major.  Many of these courses are prerequisites for other courses in the Wildlife & Fisheries Degree.  For more information, contact Kim Matheson (Academic Advisor).

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