The Bachelor's Degree (BSW)

About the Program

The Bachelor of Social Work Degree (BSW) is designed to prepare students for beginning level, generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups and communities. The focus of the BSW is oriented towards social work in northern and remote areas, First Nations, women and the human services, and community practice and research. Analysis of class, gender and race relations are considered central to the social work program. As mandated by its accrediting body, the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) and by the Social Work Code of Ethics, Social Work at UNBC provides a professional program that advocates for justice and equality and equips graduates with the intellectual, practical and professional skills needed to promote beneficial change.

The School of Social Work at UNBC offers programs of full and part-time studies leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW). Courses are offered in Prince George and in selected regional sites (see Regional Delivery below).

The BSW will normally consist of two years of general university studies (60 credit hours) and two years of professional social work courses (60 credit hours). The BSW is articulated with recognized Social Services programs in Northern British Columbia.

Social Work Field Education offers students an opportunity to develop their social work practice skills within an agency or community setting. A variety of placements are available, locally and in the region, and whenever possible the student's interests and learning needs will be matched with a suitable placement opportunity.


The BSW at UNBC is fully accredited by CASWE. This BSW Program received the maximum accreditation of eight years in June, 2014.

Regional Delivery

The School of Social Work at UNBC offers BSW Degree in the following three northern regions of British Columbia:

The Regional BSW Program has the same eligibility requirements and admission process as for those applying to the BSW Program at our main campus in Prince George. Admissions into the Regional program are currently scheduled every two years.