2018 Northern Medical Program Graduate - Dr. Jason Nguyen

May 15, 2018

Name: Minh (Jason) NguyenDr. Jason Minh Nguyen

Hometown: Prince George, BC

What attracted you to your field?
I originally entered healthcare as a registered nurse because I wanted to work closely with patients. Over the years, I was drawn to medicine because I enjoyed learning about disease and working through diagnostic challenges. When I found out that UBC offered a distributed site in my home town, I actively pursued my dreams of becoming a physician.

In 10 years, what UBC or NMP moment will you still be talking about?
I think that I can speak on behalf of my entire class. Our most memorable moments include the day we were accepted into medical school, and the day we found out about residency (Match Day). These days were charged with so many emotions, ranging from relief to shear excitation. I will have fond memories of these days for a very long time.

What’s next for you?
I am excited to start my UBC Internal Medicine residency in Victoria! I know that it will be a challenging residency, but it will be extremely rewarding as well. In terms of sub-specialty – that is still up for consideration. Most importantly, I want to train in a sub-specialty that will allow the flexible to move back to a smaller community.

As you look ahead, what (or who) inspires you?
I truly could not be here today without the loving support of my family and partner. I tackle each day with a positive light, knowing how fortunate I am to be pursuing a career in medicine.

Name one thing on your bucket list.
Travel the world! Our most recent trip crossed Japan off the bucket list, and I am sure there will be many more.