2017 Northern Medical Program Graduate - Tara Lipinski

May 15, 2017

Name: Tara Lipinski

Hometown: Prince George

What attracted you to your field?
I am attracted to the diversity and the generalist aspect of family medicine as well as the privilege to be able to form long-term relationships with patients over a life span.  The flexibility of family medicine means I can practice almost anywhere and also maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In 10 years, what UBC or NMP moment will you still be talking about?
I feel a little biased answering this question as we just had our NMP graduation event, which I will always remember as such a great day celebrating with my NMP classmates, family, physicians and support staff of Prince George.  I feel very fortunate to have trained at the NMP in a community who is very supportive of medical students and this day will always remind me of all the great times I had throughout my training.

What’s next for you?
I am excited to start my two year family medicine residency in Prince George in July.

As you look ahead, what (or who) inspires you?
I am inspired by physicians who have a passion for medicine, whether that’s evidence based medicine, forming genuine relationships with patients, or a passion for teaching.  When I am training with these physicians their attitudes and abilities always make me want to work harder to become a better a doctor. I am also inspired by family physicians that have a comprehensive practice as well as those who work in rural areas which often have less access to specialty resources.

Name one thing on your bucket list.
I love traveling so I am excited to be visiting one of the countries on my bucket list when I spend a few weeks in Greece prior to starting residency.