2017 Northern Medical Program Graduate - Quinn Gentles

May 15, 2017

Name: Quinn Gentles

Hometown: Fort St. John

What attracted you to your field?
My interest in biology became focused in medicine when, at the age of 15, I had a snowboarding accident that required about a month's stay in hospital. The lived experience of being a patient taught me the impact and importance of healthcare, and from that point on I knew I wanted to work in this field.

In 10 years, what UBC or NMP moment will you still be talking about?
I remember that on our very first day, as I walked through the doors of the NMP building for the first time, I was greeted by name by Shelly Raper - it is perhaps the warmest welcome I’ve ever had - and set the tone for the years to come. Also - getting the class together after a hard exam for some well deserved R&R at Nancy O’s.

What’s next for you?
I will be starting residency in General Surgery at the University of British Columbia. I plan to use the programs integration into communities throughout the province to develop a wide set of skills and return to my hometown to practice.

As you look ahead, what (or who) inspires you?
I am immensely inspired by my classmates. Our small program has, with the help of our dedicated faculty, staff, and preceptors, managed to obtain some of the most sought after residency positions across the province and beyond. I am so excited to see what they will accomplish in this next chapter.

Name one thing on your bucket list.
To ski and snowboard every resort mountain in BC!