UNBC as Shareholder

As Shareholder UNBC has the right and responsibility to expect and ensure good governance by the Corporate Trustee (UNBC Land Development Corporation). While it is very important for UNBC to be arm’s length from the Land Trust at all times, there are functions typically filled by shareholders that allow some level of control to be maintained ensuring adherence to vision and application of good governance practices. It is also in the institution’s best interests to provide assistance to ensure the Land Trust is successfully started with the ability to complete development work. 

Board Members

UNBC appoints initial directors to the UNBC Land Development Corporation, based on a set of criteria deemed beneficial to the organization and best interests of UNBC. Appointments will be made for three-year terms, staggered to ensure continuity, throughout the life of the Land Trust. The ongoing relationship with the Corporate Trustee Board and senior staff will provide informal input into appointment decisions.   

Start-up Assistance

Much is required to prepare and begin development work through a Land Trust. UNBC will assist through the initial provision of services such as finance/accounting, HR, IT and office space lease. This will bridge the gap from start-up to profitable operation when the UNBC Land Development Corporation will have put in place permanent space and service options for the operation. 


As the UNBC Land Development Corporation initially has little in the way of resources or collateral to obtain a market loan for initial operations, UNBC has provided such a loan under market rates and terms. The loan will be repaid by the UNBC Land Development Corporation with interest as revenue is generated through land development activity.