UNBC as Landholder and Landlord

UNBC will provide a comprehensive vision for the UNBC Land Trust to the Corporate Trustee (UNBC Land Development Corporation), encompassing topics such as land use, alignment with visual identity and campus master plan and other areas of importance to the UNBC community.  Part of the vision will be the creation of design guidelines and an associated architect’s rendering, reinforcing specific UNBC requirements surrounding green space, public realm, buildings and other infrastructure.

The Corporate Trustee will use the vision and associated guidelines to align all development activity with UNBC’s wishes and best interests. 

UNBC together with the UNBC Land Development Corporation will obtain all required Land Trust approvals from the UNBC Board of Governors and the BC Government.  This will include community engagement and creation of an in-depth business case.  The result of such approvals will be a transfer of 46 acres of UNBC land, via 99-year lease, as introduced in the Destination 2040 Campus Master Plan and subsequently approved again by the UNBC Board of Governors.