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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Information about how the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (in effect July 1, 2014) impacts UNBC can be found in the following attachments:

Use of Fluid Surveys

In the Fall of 2014, the Province of British Columbia issued a directive to public sector organizations to refrain from using Fluid Surveys, as the company had been acquired by SurveyMonkey out of the United States. This meant that Fluid Surveys was now an American company and per section 30.1 of the BC FOIPP Act, public bodies would no longer be in compliance of the Act (as personal information was now collected, stored, accessed and/or disclosed outside of Canada). 

View the Fall 2014 Fluid Surveys Memo directive to public-sector organizations from the Province of British Columbia. This memo also includes important guidelines to ensure proper privacy and security measures are in place (e.g. no IP tracking).

In September 2014, UNBC complied with this directive for its employees and researchers. See the notice sent to the campus community: Email to Campus September 2 2014. Since then, allowances and modifications have been made and permission has been granted to continue using Fluid Surveys in many cases.

Looking for sample wording to use for your survey notification and to obtain consent?  Sample Consent Notice (wording) for Surveys

Can I still use Fluid Surveys?  Yes, you *may* be able to use Fluid Surveys or other non-Canadian survey tools. If there is no collection of personal information during the course of the survey, then there is no restriction on the use of Fluid Surveys (or other survey tools). If you provide a detailed consent notice and require survey participants to acknowledge and consent in advance of continuing with the survey, then the necessary authority has thus been obtained for you to continue using Fluid Surveys.Each survey type and the nature of personal information being collected & used varies widely, so we appreciate the opportunity to discuss or correspond with the researchers to confirm details and provide solutions or wording they can use. 

Need clarification, assistance or consent wording? Please contact UNBC's Manager of Access, Privacy and Records (click Contact on the left menu). 

Privacy Impact Assessments

What is a Privacy Impact Assessment and how can I complete one? Click here for more information