Nordic Sport Awards & Winter Games Tuition Credit

Nordic Sport Leadership Awards

Application Deadline: May 1st

Full tuition award (up to $20,000)

This full tuition award is valued at $5000 per year and renewable for 3 years meaning that your university degree could be completely funded! This is a very prestigious award at UNBC, and has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Caledonia Nordic Cross Country Ski Club and the University of Northern British Columbia.

To be eligible, you must plan to be a full time undergraduate student, and have experience in training with cross country skiing or biathalon at a national level. Candidates with relevant high level coaching experience in at least one of these sports will also be considered.

This renewable entrance award will recognize and reward a student who is involved with the Caledonia Nordic Club while they pursue academic studies at UNBC. The recipient will demonstrate excellence through continuing athletic achievements and/or giving back to the sport through leadership, volunteer coaching and building varsity involvement in cross country skiing or biathlon.

Entrance Award ($1000)

A second award valued at $1000 is also available for an entering student that has experience in training or high level coaching in country skiing or biathalon. This award is not renewable for subsequent years.

Tuition Waivers

Three 6-credit tuition waivers  valued at approximately $1,035 each are also available to students who apply for a Nordic Sport Leadership Award.

If you have already been offered admission, do an Online Nordic Sport Leadership Award Application by May 1st via
- Login through the Online Student Services Portal, Financial Aid / Award Application links.

If you are not already a student, or have not applied for admission to UNBC, make sure to apply to UNBC and once you have been offered admission then apply via for the Nordic Sport Leadership Awards by May 1st using the info above.

2015 Canada Winter Games UNBC Tuition Credit

The 2015 Canada Winter Games UNBC Tuition Credit valued at $2500 was open to all athletes and officials who participated in the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Athletes and officials who applied by March 31, 2015 are still eligible to receive the tuition credit.

Information for applicants:

  • The tuition credit will remain valid as long as you apply for admission at UNBC by September, 2019 giving you time to arrange UNBC in your post-secondary education planning.
  • Once you are admitted and registered in courses, your student account will be credited for each of the first two semesters of study at UNBC.

Student for a Day Travel Reimbursement

Visit the University of Northern British Columbia as a Student for a Day and be reimbursed for the costs of getting here. Check out the beautiful campus in Prince George, see what a university lecture is like, visit the Residences, and eat in the new Dining Hall.

To be eligible submit a completed application form prior to your visit to the Student Recruitment and Advising Centre and have it approved. The reimbursement amount is travel and accommodation costs only. Complimentary meals will be provided on campus.

If you are visiting from within British Columbia the maximum value is $500, and from outside British Columbia the maximum is $1000.