Photography and Videography


The Office of Communications takes photos for the following purposes:

  • Office of Communications Projects
  • Promotional websites, publications, media materials, displays, advertisements etc.
  • Official University Events
  • Convocation, installation ceremonies, media events, etc.
  • Digital Photo Catalogue

Photos of UNBC

The Office of Communications provides high-resolution photographs for use only in the promotion of UNBC.

All photographs on this website are the property of UNBC. By downloading and using any photo from this website, you agree to the UNBC photography terms and conditions.

Terms of Use for Photos

UNBC Employees

The photos provided by the Office of Communications are intended for the promotion of UNBC, its programs, and services.

Internal departments have access to all of the Office’s photos free-of-charge, including images that depict the campuses, teaching and research, and Prince George and Northern BC.

The proportion and overall composition of the images must not be altered; for assistance contact the Office of Communications.

External Users

Use of the photos must be accompanied by a clear indication that the image was provided courtesy of the University of Northern British Columbia.

It must also be clearly stated in the caption (or equivalent) that the image is of the University of Northern British Columbia. Further information about each image is also provided in the caption that accompanies each photo on the download screen.

While photo manipulation software is allowable for minor enhancements, major changes are prohibited. Major changes include removing or distorting prominent elements of the photo or significantly altering the proportions of the image.

The images downloadable from this website are provided free-of-charge, as long as the preceding conditions are met.

Non-UNBC specific images – primarily those of Prince George and northern BC – are available for a fee. In such circumstances, the image may only be used for a single application and the rights to use the image are non-exclusive. Use of the photo must be accompanied by an indication that the photo was provided by the University of Northern British Columbia. Fees are negotiated by the Office of Communications.

Staff and Faculty Headshots

Staff and Faculty headshots are offered twice per year from a professional photographer. For more information, please contact the Office of Communications.


Video Footage of UNBC

The Office of Communications maintains a repository of video footage depicting the University campus, teaching and research, UNBC athletic events, major news announcements, and scenes around Northern BC.

For more information on accessing video, contact the Office of Communications at

Filming Video at UNBC

The following information outlines the regulations for filming video at all UNBC campuses:

  • Nobody appears on camera without consent (even in the background).
  • The subject provides consent to be filmed.
  • No UNBC classes/research/operations are interrupted during filming.

If filming is to take place in a classroom setting, the instructor must be made aware, and students in the class must be made aware in advance (not the day of the class).

Commercial Filming

Commercial filming includes the process of gathering photos or video for use in advertisements or for-profit ventures that are not connected to UNBC.

  1. Photographers and videographers shooting for commercial purposes must reserve space through Conference and Event Services, meet UNBC requirements related to insurance, and pay any appropriate fees.
  2. The images captured on UNBC premises must not include UNBC logos or wordmarks. Similarly, any text or commentary should not identify or pertain to UNBC.
  3. Any people appearing on camera must provide their written consent. This consent must be obtained by the photographer/videographer.
  4. The resulting product must not convey UNBC endorsement.
  5. During the process of capturing photographs or video, there must be no disruption to the University’s normal activities, including – but not limited to – classes, research projects, and University events.
  6. Any exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the Office of University Advancement. The University reserves the right to deny access to its premises to any photographer/videographer.

Photo, Video and Testimonial Consent Form