CTLT Services, Programs and Workshops

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) supports the UNBC community in their goal of delivering the best possible teaching and learning experiences. Areas in which support is provided include instructional technology, instructional design consultation, workshops and conferences, advocacy for teaching excellence, and professional development and mentoring.

CTLT Projects
UNBC Teaching TimelineThe UNBC Teaching Timeline was launched during the UNBC 25th anniversary celebrations.  The timeline celebrates teaching and learning excellence in the UNBC community http://bit.ly/unbc-exemplars
UNBC Exemplars Project
The Exemplar Project Working Group will work in cooperation with the Provost’s Committee on Pedagogical Practices to identify projects and practices that celebrate teaching and learning excellence at UNBC.
The Exemplar Project Working Group reviews PCPP action groups to get some of their suggestions for exemplars. The working group also collects further candidates by reaching out to programs and instructors the group feels are well suited for profiles in the project. The group is creating profiles of UNBC faculty and instructors that illustrate innovative pedagogical practices using openly accessible multimedia presentations.
Provost's Committee on Pedagogical Practices

The purpose of the Provost’s Committee on Pedagogical Practices is to coordinate, monitor, evaluate and support the implementation of the pedagogical initiatives approved by Senate and as per the request of the Provost. It is to provide continuity to the process of enhancing teaching, learning, and the use of educational technologies. Accordingly, committee membership is inclusive and representative of UNBC’s teaching and learning community. Administrative support for the committee will be provided by the Centre of Teaching, Learning, and Technology.


  • Create pedagogical action groups to promote, coordinate, monitor, evaluate and support the initiatives approved by Senate and as per the request of the Provost.
  • Ensure that the activities of the action groups are carried out in a timely, effective and efficient manner.
  • Provide the Provost with written interim status updates every six months. These status reports will be presented to the Senate Committee on Academic Polices and Procedures for discussion.
CTLT Services
Annual UNBC/CNC Teaching Conference
This two day conference is held each year at the start of the Fall term. The conference offers a number of workshops on a variety of teaching and learning related topics. The 2009 event included workshops on inclusive education and disability services at the post-secondary level, diversity in team-based assignments, and the use of clicker technology, video conference technology and blogs. The 2015 Teaching and Learning Conference was our most successful event to date, with over 125 participants attending from a variety of institutions.  The 2015 UNBC/CNC Teaching and Learning Conference website can be viewed at http://blogs.unbc.ca/tandl
Instructional Skills Workshop
The Instructional Skills Workshop provides a flexible experiential learning model where UNBC staff and faculty can learn and practice instructional tools that support the university’s focus on professional development related to a learner-centered environment, innovative pedagogical approaches, and student outcomes. The Instructional Skills Workshop also teaches skills in effectively receiving and giving feedback, which works to build a stronger community. The workshop is held over a 3 day period in the fall and/or spring.
Teaching Assistant Certificate Program

The overall aim of this program is help build a teaching and learning community, improve graduate student teaching capacity at UNBC, and to provide tangible evidence of the time and work put in by students throughout the certification process. Too often we approach teaching as a largely solitary practice. This program seeks to encourage an understanding of teaching as part of community, just like we engage in our research as part of a broader community.  

See here for more information on the program 

Instructional Technology Consultation
Contact Grant Potter or Clarence Hofsink for suggestions or assistance with instructional challenges, technical mentoring or special projects involving educational technologies.
Faculty Peer Support
Members of the CTLT and several members of the Committee for Teaching and Learning are trained instructional facilitators and have the ability to offer individualized support to instructors at all levels of experience. This peer support is design to enhance and support teaching at UNBC. Contact Heather Smith for more information.
Robert W. Tait
Annual Lecture on Implementing Teaching Excellence at UNBC
The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology is proud to host the Robert W. Tait Annual Lecture on Implementing Teaching Excellence at UNBC.
As Dean of Graduate Studies at UNBC between 2002-2007, Dr. Robert Tait played a pivotal role in enhancing the profile of teaching and learning at UNBC. His leadership has been central to the expansion of teaching and learning activities at UNBC.  Moreover, Robert Tait had a vision for teaching excellence that was beyond UNBC and was a mentor to many junior faculty who have since gone on to win UNBC and 3M teaching awards. The terms of reference for the lecture reflect the work of Robert Tait. They reflect a holistic understanding of teaching and learning, and about action, not just reflection.