Instructional Technology at UNBC provides instructors with tools for: creation and delivery of online content, communication and collaboration methods, online assessments, and secure assignment delivery (dropboxes), and secure gradebook and feedback reporting. also provides integrated services such as multimedia streaming, web-conferencing, and plagiarism detection. 

An abridged guide for instructors can be found at is a publishing platform available to any member of the UNBC community. Based on the open-source system, WordPress, it allows any faculty member, student, or staff employee to create a blog, a course or project site, or professional Web presence. is an online survey platform used to prepare, run and evaluate on-line surveys. Please contact Grant Potter ( if you would like to use

FluidSurveys access was purchased by UNBC as part of a BCNet Consoritum Master Agreement to provide survey software to Higher Education institutions in British Columbia. The parent company of FluidSurveys, SurveyMonkey, announced that the FluidSurveys product would be discontinued. BCNet and the consortium members, including UNBC, have been working to provide the replacement survey solution over the last several months, and that replacement is now identified. The replacement product for the Consortium will be SurveyMonkey, hosted in a Canadian datacentre and with similar security and privacy provisions that were in place for FluidSurveys. We will retain access to FluidSurveys until March 31, 2018.

BCNET has done some of the work that we need to move to the new SurveyMonkey product, including Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), on the underlying technology for SurveyMonkey.  The next step for UNBC is to continue with our own PIA submission, reflecting the specific implementation and use of the software at UNBC itself.