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Government Funding Brings UNBC Closer to Unique Cancer Drug Discovery Program

Stephen Rader
The BC Cancer Foundation and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - BC/Yukon Region has named Randi Woodbeck, BSc Biochemistry Molecular Biology the recipient of the 2011 J.M. Warren Award. this award is given each year to two of the top-ranking non-medical BC Cancer studentship applicants.  The award is given to support studentships in breast cancer research.

Dustin King (2010 BCMB Grad) recipient of prestigious 2010 Alfred Bader Scholarship

the Chemical Institute of Canada has announced that Dustin King is one of the recipients of the 2010 Alfred Bader Scholarship.  This prestigious award is given to mark an excellence for achievement in organic chemistry or biochemistry by undergraduate students based on their Honours thesis or equivalent.  The quality of the research that Dustin did on his CHEM499 Final Report impressed the committee. This is a $1000 award.  There will be a brief biography of Dustin and his research included in the Chemical Institute's up-coming issue of Canadian Chemical News and on CSC website

BCMB Student wins Top Prize at Rising Stars Research competitionRandi Woodbeck
A University of Northern British Columbia student won a top prize among 120 other university students recently at a national research competition in Vancouver. Fourth-year Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student Randi Woodbeck won the award at the Rising Stars of Research competition late last month.

Convocation 2010 Grad 2010

Dustin King
March 10, 2010
A student from the University of Northern British Columbia has won a Studentship from the BC Cancer Agency to conduct Molecular Biology research at the University this summer.

Dustin King, a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student from Burns Lake, will be carrying out cancer research under UNBC Chemistry professor Chow Lee, and investigating the way certain RNA molecules create conditions conducive to the spread of the disease in the body.

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December 3, 2009
 Cancer Research Team
 UNBC Cancer Research attracts International Attention:
Researchers at the University of Northern British Columbia have been collaborating with scientists in Italy and the United States to bring attention to a discovery in molecular biology that may have significant implications for the treatment of cancer.(click on photo for full media release)

Chris Uy

Rising Star of Research

UNBC Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student Chris Uy took home first place in his category at the Rising Stars of Research competition recently at UBC.

BCMB 2009BCMB 2009 Grad Class
(not in order or may not be included)
Nicholas Buyar, Lauren Crooks, Andrea Mendoza, Chris LaRocque, Laura Radigan, Michael Benitez, Gillian Edwards, Shahine Pourmokhtari, Barney Balint, Matt Jensen, Gerren Martin, Vincent Budac, Everett Versteeg, Tara Clark, Melissa Santos, Harpreet Ghuman, Mark Stevens, Ranvir Phangura, Ashleen Montgomery, Sheldon Haftner, Aleem Remtulla, Natasha Moffatt, Carlene Pudlas, Omesh Syal, Sang Eun Kim, Sukhbir Sandhu, Alexandria MacDonald, Kaila Smith, Chad Maag, Chelsea Eveneshen, Conan Ma, Phillip Curran

Dustin & Chris
Student Awards
Dustin King won the First place - Organic Division prize for his poster ($50 award prize):  "CD44 mRNA-CRD-BP Interaction". At the Western Canadian Undergraduate Chemistry Conference May 7-9, 2009.
Chris Uy won Honorable Mention for his poster "Identification of C99S as an important residue in RNA binding of APE1", At the Loon Lake Cell Biology Conference May 7-9, 2009 ($100 prize)

Ribowest 2007 
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Biochemistry / Molecular Biology 2007 

Winners of  2006 Ribo West Conference Student Poster Display in July 2006
Dmitry Apel -  University of Calgary
Stephanie Sellers - UNBC Chow Lee's Lab
Deborah Curry - UNBC Stephen Rader's Lab 

Convocation 2006
Biochemistry - Molecular Biology