The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Biology B.Sc. Program combines the rigour of chemistry with the fascination of living systems, and is therefore the traditional major for students with biomedical interests.

Majors begin their studies with a broad set of courses in the natural sciences. In the second year, biochemistry is introduced, leading to third year explorations of DNA, the blueprint of life, proteins, the machines that make our bodies work, and a wide range of other molecular topics. Finally, your degree culminates in the fourth year with courses that let you see why BCMB is the largest and most dynamic scientific discipline. Topics include oncology, the evolution of life, advanced genetics, and much more.

With its strong emphasis on analytical skills, the BCMB major is an excellent launching point for a variety of science-based careers, as described below. The BCMB major also includes extensive training in practical laboratory skills, such as DNA fingerprinting, which are essential for careers in the natural sciences, criminal forensics, laboratory technician programs, and a variety of industries.

One of the outstanding features of the BCMB program is the opportunity to work in research labs from your first day on campus. In contrast to larger universities, where it is often difficult for undergraduates to even talk to professors, UNBC's faculty welcome undergraduates to become involved in their research. The BCMB professors maintain vigorous research programs in areas such as RNA metabolism, cancer biology, beetle pheromones, plant genetics, and salmon physiology. Find out more by following the "faculty" link at left.

In lab

The BCMB program helps students to achieve their career goals by encouraging minors in other disciplines. Interested in the hot new field of bioinformatics? Try a minor in computer science. Do you want to work on science policy in government? Get a minor in political science. Do you have entrepreneurial ambitions? Minor in business to prepare for an exciting career in biotechnology. Many other minors are available to get you where you want to go.

BCMB Honours Degree

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