How to Register

To request authorized access and academic accommodations under UNBC's Access and Accommodation Policy, students with disabilities need to complete the following four steps to register with the Access Resource Centre (ARC):

1. Request for Accommodation

Contact the Access Resource Centre to let them know you would like to register. It is the responsibility of the student to notify our office of their request for accommodations and to follow through with the procedures set forth by ARC.

2. Provision of Appropriate Documentation

Students must provide appropriate and current documentation to confirm the nature and extent of their disability and the appropriateness of the accommodation sought. Students are responsible for any costs incurred in receiving, acquiring or accessing documentation of disabilities. 

3. General Needs Assessment

After appropriate documentation is accepted by the ARC, that documentation will be deemed proof of the disability in question. Students requesting access and academic accommodation will meet with the UNBC Access Coordinator who will assess the student’s accommodation needs.

4. Decision and Implementation

Where accommodation needs are agreed to, the Access Coordinator, the student, and Instructor(s) will sign a General Access and Accommodation Agreement. The student, ARC staff, and the student’s Instructor(s) are jointly responsible for ensuring that accommodations are arranged prior to or during the first two weeks of classes (in most cases).

As these steps should be completed well before classes commence, the University encourages students seeking accommodation to contact the ARC in a timely manner, normally 3 months prior to first semester of enrolment. If accommodation requires the acquisition of special or additional resources not regularly available within the University, it is recommended that 6 months advance notice be given in order for the University to assess the accommodation request.

The Access Resource Centre reserves the right to review and make recommendations to the student and the University regarding the appropriateness and reasonableness of accommodations being requested within the context of the University environment and resources that are available.