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The Master of Physical Therapy Program (MPT)

  • An evidence-based curriculum that uses an integrated, case-based approach to develop problem-solving, critical thinking and clinical decision making skills
  • Major areas of study include basic sciences, clinical decision making, clinical practice (musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory), exercise and movement sciences and rehabilitation research.
  • 26 month full-time program
  • 7 blocks with 5-6 weeks of break per year
  • 31 weeks of clinical (1800 hours) experience 

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Please note - The Northern Distributed Program is still pending final approval by UBC and UNBC in the fall of 2019. Successful applicants will be admitted to this program version once approved.

The Northern and Rural Cohort

The Northern and Rural Cohort provides an enhanced clinical experience for students who are interested in working in rural and remote settings after graduation.

Most coursework is completed at the Vancouver Point Grey Campus, with one summer academic block held at UNBC in Prince George. Students in this cohort will complete at least four of the six required clinical placements in northern BC or in other rural or remote locations.

Clinical learning for students takes place anywhere within Northern Health, or at other sites designated as rural and/or remote across the province. Rural sites are typically small towns at considerable distance from urban centres ie: Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, or Williams Lake in the Interior.

The actual location of clinical learning sites will vary each year depending on supervisor availability and other factors. Students will experience a wide variety of clinical settings in both public and private sectors with potential to participate in innovative projects and novel clinical experiences.

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