Neil Hanlon

Neil Hanlon, PhD
Professor of Geography

& Adjunct Faculty Member in School of Health Sciences and Northern Medical Program
Queen's University at Kingston, 1998 (MA, Ph.D.), Ryerson University (BAA)


Peer Reviewed Publications
Most recent:

Hanlon, N., Skinner, M., Joseph, A., Ryser, L., and Halseth, G., 2014. Place integration through efforts to support healthy aging in British Columbia’s interior: The role of voluntary sector leadership. Health and Place 29: 132-139.

Skinner, M., Joseph, A., Hanlon, N., Ryser, L., and Halseth, G., 2014. Growing old in aging resource communities: Linking voluntarism, aging in place and community development. The Canadian Geographer 58(4): 418-428.

Hanlon, N, 2014. Commentary: Doing health geography with feeling. Social Science and Medicine 115: 144-146.

Toomey, P., Lovato, C., Hanlon, N., Poole, G., and Bates, J., 2013. Impact of a Regionally Distributed Medical Education Program on an Underserved Community: Community Leader Perceptions. Academic Medicine 88(6): 811-818.

Skinner, M., Hanlon, N., and Halseth, G., 2012. Health and social care issues in ageing resource communities. In Kulig, J. and Williams, A. (eds) Health Care in Rural Canada. Vancouver and Toronto: UBC Press, pp. 462-480.

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