In 2016/17, UNBC began implementing the Integrated University Planning Framework for setting strategic priorities and linking all planning and budgeting activities across the university. This Framework presents opportunities for collaboration, supports strategic decision-making, and ensures our efforts and resources align with the strategic, academic and research priorities. It brings UNBC’s vision to life and focuses our strategies and initiatives on addressing the challenges and opportunities of globalization.

The Integrated University Planning Framework builds upon the strength of our faculty and staff, confirms our commitment as a student-centred and research-intensive university, and sets out a path for us to realize our vision and mission

Strategic Priorities

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Recent Projects

  • The Student Success project is aimed at identifying student success priorities that align with the Strategic Road Map and respond to the Academic Action Plan Recommendations. Discussions will explore recruitment and retention strategies, transition programming for newly admitted... more
  • The Student Misconduct and Academic Appeals project revises the student regulations and policies, the Student Housing Agreement, Student Housing Handbook, and the Student Housing Life Community Standards to ensure the conduct and academic expectations of UNBC students are... more
  • The Indigenous Initiatives project involves identifying the emerging needs and strategic opportunities for Indigenous students, faculty and communities, and ensuring institutional-wide Indigenization is aligned and coordinated with current and new programming across campuses... more