Virtual Healthcare Roadshow

The Virtual Healthcare Roadshow was created to share healthcare career snapshots, with a broader community, throughout the year. These snapshots try to capture one student’s perspective of their career journey to date. The videos are made by other healthcare students. The goal is to provide a taste of what’s interesting about each one of these diverse careers. For more information, follow the links provided, to the training institution’s websites.

  • Diploma (up to 3 years)
    A medical lab technologist performs tests on body tissue and fluids, such as blood, to assist the health care team (including doctors and family nurse practitioners) with diagnosis and treatment of illness. Education Individuals must complete either a diploma or... more
  • Bachelor Degree (4 years)
    An individual trained in midwifery provides care during pregnancy and birth, and also in the first several weeks after delivery (such as home visits). They help expectant parents with a range of primary maternity care, including prenatal care, planning for exams and... more
  • Advanced (more than 4 years)
    Family nurse practitioners (FNP) provide primary care services to patients that are seen regularly through follow-ups. Their spectrum of practice can include health assessment, diagnosing disease and conditions, and promoting preventative health. FNPs can conduct... more
  • Bachelor Degree (4 years), Diploma (up to 3 years)
    A dental hygienist is a health professional who provides care in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases, including cleaning teeth and checking patients for signs of disease. They also help to educate patients on maintaining good oral health. Education... more
  • Advanced (more than 4 years)
    A medical doctor is a health professional who diagnoses and treats illness through medical care. Doctors provide a range of care across many different specialties, including family medicine, surgery, internal medicine, psychiatry and many more. Education The... more
  • Diploma (up to 3 years)
    A respiratory therapist assesses and treats patients with acute and chronic heart and lung (cardiopulmonary) health issues.  These can include conditions such asthma, bronchitis, emphysema. They can also provide care and assistance to emergency patients for symptoms... more