Past Seminar Series

March 2020

Topic:  "Health, Arts, and the Humanities: Crossroads Worth Critical and Creative Conversations"

February 2020

Topic: “Failure-to-Fail in medical education: What are we thinking?”

January 2020

Topic:  Indigenous Research and the Importance of Epistemological Humility

October 2019

Topic: Sux Ganah (my words): A story of engaging in Indigenous Health Research

September 2019
Topic: "Filling two needs with a single deed: the Prince George Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program improves patient outcomes and student learning"

April 2019
Topic: Honor Student Presentation

March 2019
Topic: Developing the Healthcare Travelling Roadshow

February 2019
Topic: Biological Determinants of Obesity and Diabetes: a biomedical perspective to disease prevention and management

January 2019
Topic: I Think We Need Some Meat on Those Bones: Recent Outcomes of Brain, Muscle, and Bone Research

December 2018
Topic: School of Health Sciences PhD Alumni Presentations

November 2018
Topic: Chronic testicular pain: The experiences of patients undergoing micosurgical spermatic cord denervation

October 2018
Topic: Gamification and Exergames: Designing for Health

September 2018
Topic: Indigenous Language Revitalization and Reclamation: Intergenerational Trauma, Healing, and Resiliency
Panel: The presentation was followed by a panel discussion with research and education partners (including past and present students) involved in language learning using immersive settings to raise language proficiency

April 2018
Topic: Bridging the Cancer Divide: Iterative Research Addressing Burdens of Cervical Cancer at Home and Abroad

March 2018
Topic: Pecha Kucha Presentations

February 2018
Topic: Examining the Quality of Telehealth Services in Northern British Columbia: Collaborative Research Conducted in Partnership between Northern Health and UNBC

January 2018
Topic: New Horizons in Health Impact Assessment Research Practice

December 2017
Topic: The Crucial Role of Context in Understanding the Interplay between Ovarian Hormones and Psychological Health in Women

November 2017
Topic: Exploring British Columbia Wil Mushrooms for Novel Medicinal Compounds

October 2017
Topic: Leading Health Services Research from Northern BC

September 2017
Topic: Indigenous Health