Our world is rapidly globalizing, bringing exciting opportunities and daunting challenges. Global and International Studies, hereafter referred to as Global Studies, seeks to tackle this brave new world in all its complexity. We train students to be global citizens, global thinkers, and global problem-solvers, and prepare them for global careers in academia, business, government, and the non-profit sector, among others. A unique feature of our program is that we train students in foreign languages. Language is the entry-point for understanding the world’s cultures and equips students for studying and working abroad.

Global Studies is a holistic and timely field of study whose scope is the whole Earth and whose eyes are on the future, aiding a global transformation toward healthy, just, peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable societies for all. The focus of our program is on the ‘big picture,’ international to global. Students emerge from our program with knowledge of the macro-level structures, actors, processes, ideas, issues, and events shaping our planet and its societies. This is accomplished in multi-disciplinary, multi-perspective, local-to-global, and critical ways of thinking.

The curriculum is organized around four themes:

  • Global environment and sustainability
  • Global cultures and diversity
  • Global governance and social justice
  • Global political economy and development.

Students take courses in each theme, learn to integrate across themes, and can focus on one or more themes if they so choose. Special attention is given to British Columbia’s immediate international neighbouring regions: Asia-Pacific, Circumpolar North, and the Americas.

Welcome to New Students from the Chair

Welcome to the Global and International Studies Program at UNBC! There could not be a more interesting time to be studying global issues.

UNBC’s program is very interdisciplinary and allows you to learn from many different subject areas as you navigate the curriculum’s four themes: environment and sustainability; cultures and diversity; governance and social justice; and political economy and development. You will become conversant with the world around you and the challenges that we all face. Our new capstone course enables you work in a small group with a faculty member to bring everything together at the end of your program. Along the way, you will also have become proficient in a language other than English with your choice of Spanish, Japanese, or French.

It’s no wonder that with its small class sizes and exciting curriculum focussing on the most important global issues that INTS students enjoy and value the program and are set for interesting careers and lifelong learning. Explore the Department’s website for stories of students’ successes working for the federal government, going on to graduate school, working with NGOs, travelling and teaching abroad, being provincial speech contest finalists, and raising awareness of global issues on campus through the student society. I hope that you will enjoy your time as an INTS student .

Best wishes,
Paul Bowles
Acting Chair, Department of Global and International Studies

Global Studies Improving the World

  • Monday, December 3, 2018
    Professor Paul Bowles recently presented a Guest Seminar to the Global Political Economy and International Development Faculty Research Groups at the University of Bristol, UK. He talked about his work on Social Licence and natural resource development.
  • Wednesday, October 31, 2018
    Global and International Studies was represented at the inaugural meeting of the Canada Asia Pacific Policy Project (CAPPP) held at Thompson Rivers University on October 26th. CAPPP is an initiative taking place as part of the Interior University Research Coalition involving UNBC, TRU and UBCO. INTS Chair... more
  • Friday, October 19, 2018
    Dr. Nathan Andrews lead a Student Seminar at Queen's University entitled "From Fieldwork to Finishing your Thesis/Dissertation. This seminar provided the opportunity for students to discuss their theses/dissertations and receive feedback on aspects ranging from refining research question to the logistics... more
  • Thursday, October 11, 2018
    Members of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Sustainable Resources and Social Responsibility recently visited UNBC. INTS faculty member Dr. Nathan Andrews, graduate Co-Chair Professor Fiona MacPhail and INTS graduate student Kate van Dam shared some of their research with them. The group then... more
  • Friday, May 25, 2018
    MA International Studies - International Development Michelle Elizabeth Metzger Honours International Studies and Political Science Sophia Iliopulous BA Global and International Studies Echioma Nobel Ezedebego Rosemary Jamal Goyayi BA International Studies Robert John Leatherdale Kandice... more