Graduate Students

Doctoral Students (Supervisor)

Hagos Zeray Kebede (2015) Child Trafficking in Tigray: Awareness and Challenges of the Child Care and Protective Organizations

Susan Burke (2016) Cognitive Dissonance in Social Work - The Experiences of Social Workers Who Facilitate Transracial Adoption Plans for Aboriginal Children

Doctoral Students (Co-Supervisor)

Tina Dobson Brazonni (2013) Mental Health and Healing with the Carrier First Nation: Views of Seven Traditional Healer and Knowledge Holders

Jacqueline Stokes (2009) Practice Wisdom in Child Protection Decision Making

Doctoral Students (Committee Member)

Annabel Levesque (2011) Conceptions of Health Across Cultures

Gail Zuk (2009) Honoring the Subjective: An Exploration of the Self-reflexive Portfolio in Social Work Education