Magnifying Black Voices

As part of UNBC’s commitment to the Scarborough Charter on Anti-black Racism and Black Inclusion In Canadian Higher Education as well as a commitment to creating an environment of inclusivity and equity, the University is excited to announce the launch of the Magnifying Black Voices bursary and mentorship pilot program. 

This initiative is designed to empower students who identify as Black across the University, this includes students across all UNBC campuses, providing a platform for uplifting Black voices along with support and celebration. This pilot program concludes at the end of 2024, however the goal is to develop a sustainable model for this program moving forward.  

What you need to know

  • Bursary: This program allows access to financial support to alleviate some of the challenges associated with pursuing a higher education. Applications for the bursary are now closed. 
  • Mentorship Opportunities: This program enables students who identify as Black to engage in meaningful mentorship connections with experienced faculty and staff who are passionate about community growth and development.
  • Community Building: This program will create an opportunity to join and participate in a vibrant community that celebrates diversity, cultural richness, and the unique contributions of Black individuals.

How you can get involved

Whether you are a Black student seeking mentorship, a faculty or staff member interested in becoming a mentor, or someone eager to support through participation, your involvement is welcomed. The Magnifying Black Voices Program invites everyone to contribute to the richness of our university community.

If you're interested in becoming a mentor, email the Office of Equity Affairs at

For more information, check out the Mentor and Mentee Guides below.