Dr. Todd Whitcombe,  Associate Professor
Chair, Chemistry, Environmental Science and
Environmental Engineering  
office:     Lab 8-439
Tel:         250-960-6678

Research interests
As a broad classification, my research interests are in the area of "Bio-Inorganic" chemistry and, specifically, in reaction kinetics of model systems for biologically interesting or relevant molecules.

Dr. Ron Thring, P.Eng, FEC, Professor           
Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering
office:     10-2544
Tel:         250-960-5804
email:     ron.thring@unbc.ca
PhD (1990) Chemical Engineering, University of Sherbrooke
MSc (1984) Chemical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan
MASc (1980) Chemical Engineering, University of Bradford (UK)
BSc (1978) Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry , University of Botswana and Swaziland

Research Interests:
  1. Chemicals, fuels, and biosolids from natural resources
  2. Reaction engineering principles and catalysis applied to pulp and paper, polymer, oil and gas processes
  3. Plastics and rubber characterization and processing
  4. Environmental Engineering (soil remediation, green house gases control, waste & wastewater treatment) 

Dr. Peter Jackson,  Professor
Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering
Office:    8-434
Tel:        250-960-5985
B.Sc. (honours) University of British Columbia, 1984.
Ph.D. University of British Columbia, 1993.

Research interests:
Mesoscale and synoptic meteorology, especially concerning wind and other atmospheric processes in regions of complex terrain with environmental applications (e.g. air quality, transport of mountain pine beetles by wind). Techniques include in-situ and remote observations (e.g. sodar and radar) as well as mesoscale atmospheric numerical simulation. 

Dr. Stephen Dery, Professor
Office:    8-414
Tel:         250-960-5193
Ph.D.  Atmospheric Science - McGill University
B.Sc., M.Sc.  Atmospheric Science - York  University

Research interests:
Include northern hydrometeorology, climate and climate change, mesoscale and boundary-layer meteorology, remote sensing of snow, permafrost dynamics and snow physics. 

Dr. Jianbing Li, P.Eng., Professor
Groundwater Hydrology 
Office:    8-408
Tel:        250-960-6397

Research Interests
Modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport in porous media groundwater hydrology, soil and groundwater remediation, coupled simulation and optimization for environmental management, uncertainty modeling of environmental pollution control systems, water resources management, and environmental risk assessment. 

Dr. Jueyi Sui, P.Eng, Professor
Surface Waters
Office:    8-416
Tel:        250-960-6399
email:    jueyi.sui@unbc.ca

Research Interests:
Water resources and environmental engineering. Jueyi has expertise in cold region hydraulics and hydrology (river ice hydraulics and snow hydrology) and fluvial hydraulics. 

Dr. Michael Rutherford, Professor 
Environmental Science and Engineering
Office:    8-209
Tel:        250-960-5885
BSc (Honours) in Soil Science, University of British Columbia (1984)
PhD in Soil Science, University of Alberta (1991)

Research Interests
The chemistry, biology and ecotoxicity of contaminated soils, biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nitrogen, the utilization of various waste materials for environmental restoration, and the bioremediation of contaminated environments. In the past Mike has conducted research into natural-occurring radioactivity (e.g. radon gas) in soils and  industrial wastes.

Dr. Youmin Tang, Professor
Office:    8-429
Tel:        250-960-5190
email:    youmin.tang@unbc.ca

Research Interests
Youmin's research uses sophisticated numerical models and mathematical tools to predict seasonal climate and put confidence limits on the predictions -a significant new approach among researchers in this field. Previously, he has developed ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) prediction models with the knowledge that more accurate seasonal climate prediction is of vital importance to various sectors of the economy: agriculture, forest management, fisheries, tourism, and power generation. 

Dr. Steve Helle, P.Eng, Associate Professor
Co-director, Environmental Engineering
Office:     8-307
Tel:          250-960-5206
email:      steve.helle@unbc.ca
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia
B.Eng., M.Eng., Chemical Engineering, McGill University

Research Interests:
Waste and wastewater treatment (biological, physical and chemical), production of renewable fuels and chemicals, fermentation modeling and optimization, bioprocess engineering.

Dr. Phil Owens, Professor
FRBC Research Chair in Landscape Ecology
Office:    10-3066
Phone:   250-960-6177
email:     philip.owens@unbc.ca
web:        http://www.unbc.ca/owens/
Ph.D. University of Exeter, UK (1994)
M.Sc. University of British Columbia (1990)
B.Sc. Coventry Polytechnic, UK (1988) 

Research Interests:
My main research interest is the effect of landscape disturbance (e.g. forestry, agriculture, mining, urbanization, wildfire, climate change) on the behaviour, fluxes and fate of water, sediment and chemicals in the environment at a range of time and space scales, and the development of appropriate information and advice for improved management of land and water resources.

Dr. Jean Wang, PhD, Senior Lab Instructor Data Analysis

Dr. Tricia Stadnyk, P.Eng., Adjunct Professor
Environmental Science
PhD Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo
B.A.Sc Civil Engineering (H), University of Waterloo

Dr. Belinda Larisch,  Adjunct Professor
Environmental Engineering
PhD Chemical Engineering, UBC
M.Eng, B.Eng Chemical Engineering, McGill

Dr. Nikolaus Gantner,  Adjunct Professor
Aquatic Ecology and Ecotoxicology
PhD Environmental Biology and Toxicology, University of Guelph
MSc Zoology, University of Innsbruck

Potential Student/Admission Enquires please email:  unbc4u@unbc.ca