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Engineering grad masters students

Cohort 2016

chris willing

Christian Willing"The Masters of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design program at UNBC provides a diverse and unique perspective on engineering and design. Combining structural engineering and design, prefabrication, and architectural and building sciences it places its graduates in a leading position to not only continue, but also add to the already highly reputable timber and engineered wood construction industry in North America. I choose this program because its aim is to harness a natural product that is in ways both over and under used. Through its varied yet integrated approach it encourages the profitability and sustainability of wood as an abundant, renewable and architecturally intriguing building resource. The program faculty brings a variety of new and innovative expertise to an already well established, but also growing, Canadian vocation and market. Most of all, what drew me to the program is that it offers more than just practical and theoretical training in engineering design methods and techniques. It challenges to change the way we design, build and live in the structures that surround us. And understanding and using wood as a prime building material is central to that challenge. Using wood – in the modern and integrated sense – promises taller, more economical, more efficient, and more environmentally sensible buildings that don’t compromise design or cost, and this program is training the professionals needed to make this a reality." 

Christian accepted a position at StructureCraft Builders as a Project Coordinator almost right after completing the Master of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design Program in December 2016. His position will include: Coordinating and controlling of documentation and communication between product and personnel throughout the stages of construction - design, tender, award, procurement, manufacture, construction administration, install, erection and close out. 

David Hanna

David Hanna - "After completing UNBC’s Master of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design, I can confirm that the program offers an ideal combination of theoretical and practical courses and an invaluable direct exposure to the local and international timber community. This intensive yet thorough program also gives its students access to an extensive array of resources whether they are in the form of a collection of physical and online publications, software, learning spaces such as a laboratory, or dedicated and knowledgeable professors as well as reputable guest speakers who are eager to share their passion. The integrated approach offered by the program has allowed me to understand and appreciate the industry in a way that surpasses my expectations. The WIDC and its occupants simply succeed at fostering an environment that has equipped me with a variety of tools opening more doors than I hoped for."

After receiving 3 job offers, David has accepted a position at Nordic Structures in Montreal where he will be doing a combination of engineering, drafting, and building physics work. 

chelsea olson

Chelsea Olson - "UNBC's MEng program is one of kind, and provided the opportunity to work with and learn from an incredible group of professionals. Building on my previous industry experience, this program has allowed me to develop a unique skill set that will benefit my career in years to come. It was a privilege to be part of the first cohort of the Integrated Wood Design program!"

Only 5 months after completing the MEng program, Chelsea found herself with 5 different job offers and ended up accepted a position as a Project Engineer at ISL Engineering in Canmore, Alberta. 

stephanie wall

Stephanie Wall"When I applied to the program I hoped to further my education and expertise as well as build a network of connections in industry and academia. The program exceeded my expectations with the addition of opening new doors of opportunity. The small class sizes, excellent instructors and well equipped lab and facility made for an enjoyable learning experience."

When Stephanie finished the program, she was contracted by UNBC's Master of Engineering Program as a Research Assistant, working on creating a Case Study for the Wood Innovation Research Lab which construction begin on June 2017. Stephanie is now a Structural EIT at McElhanney in Prince George, British Columbia.

Cohort 2017

Cohort 2017
Alison Conroy

Alison Conroy - "I really enjoyed the format of UNBC’s MEng program.  It has been designed to give you practical skills and experience to take back to the field, and does an excellent job covering the topics that need to be taken into consideration for the design, construction and operation of timber buildings.  The program gave me a greater confidence in my understanding of timber buildings and I feel it has helped build my career in the building science and envelope consulting industry."

Emma O'Neill

Emma O'Neill - "The MEng program provides a truly integrated approach to timber construction, covering a wide variety of topics that prepared me to enter the workforce with a thorough understanding of timber buildings. The knowledgeable faculty members bring passion and experience to the classroom, teaching both best practices from North America, and global innovations. Completing this program launched me forward on my career path and opened the door for me to move to New Zealand and ultimately get my dream job as a structural timber engineer. The technical knowledge and skills that I gained have been beneficial to me as I design complex and unique timber structures in my current role."

While doing the program, Emma worked with her supervisor Dr. Asif Iqbal on research about post-tensioned CLT wall systems for use in high seismic applications. After completing the program, she moved back to New Zealand where she works as a Structural Timber Engineer at PTL | Structural Consultants. 

Damon Surgenor

Damon Surgenor"I was fortunate to be in the second cohort of UNBC’s MEng program in Integrated Wood Design. I entered the program to pursue interests in the expanding mass timber industry in North America. The program exceeded my expectations covering a wide range of topics beyond mass timber structural design, from wood science to wood processing to building science. This facilitated a unique multidisciplinary learning environment. The program provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge to gain employment as a project engineer in the mass timber industry. I am excited to watch the program evolve and grow in the future."

Damon is currently working as Project Coordinator at StructureCraft, being responsible for planning, directing and leading in the delivery of timber construction projects from award to completion while achieving safety, quality, cost and schedule objectives.

Cohort 2018

cohort 2018
tyler heal

Tyler Heal"The UNBC M.Eng. program was a great experience and equipped me to hit the ground running in the mass timber design world. The breadth and relevancy of topics - structural engineering, digital fabrication, and building science - have all been useful in my career as a structural engineer. The program also provided hugely valuable connections to the leaders in the mass timber design and construction industry in Canada, and globally."

Immediately after finishing the program, Tyler started working as a Structural Engineer for ISL Engineering & Land Services, a industry partner in Tyler's M.Eng. research project with Dr. Tannert.  

moritz kohler

Moritz Kohler - "One year before graduating from UBC Okanagan in Civil Engineering, I came across a brochure from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) promoting the Master of Engineering, Integrated Wood Design. I knew at that time and I had no doubt that UNBC was the place I wanted to be to complete my master’s degree. My primary interest lies in the field of modern timber structures, in which I want to gain more knowledge in the design process (structural & seismic analysis), versatility and sustainability of the wood structures in general. The one-year program was ideal for me in that regard, and I do not regret. I met great people and I am a proud Alumni of UNBC."

When Moritz finished the program, was called by Zirnhelt Timber Frames where is working as EIT and Designer.