Alumni Council

The Alumni Council holds a unique place within the structure and community of the University of Northern British Columbia. UNBC recognizes the increasing importance of nurturing the lifelong bond between the University and its alumni. The Alumni Council has the responsibility of representing the collective voice of the alumni body in governance and with the advancement role of engaging alumni in a lifelong mutually-beneficial relationship for both UNBC and its graduates.

The Alumni Council was created in October 2017 on a recommendation from the former Alumni Association Board of Directors.  The Alumni Council is recognized by the Board of Governors of the University of Northern British Columbia to represent UNBC’s alumni community.  The Council works closely with Office of University Advancement to provide guidance on and assistance with the mutually-beneficial objectives of the Alumni Association:

• To build an active and meaningful alumni community.
• To engage alumni and provide opportunities to stay connected to the University.
• To ensure the University continues to enrich the lives of UNBC alumni.
• To advance UNBC’s excellence and reputation.

Current Members

Andrew Seabrook, Chair
BCOMM Accounting / General Business (2009)

Wendel Schwab, Vice-chair
BA English (2016)

Dori Alger
MBA Business Administration (2010)

Jennifer Young, Vice-President
BA Geography (2000) & BSW Social Work (2007)

Danielle Dysserinck, Director-at-Large 
BA Political Science (2015)

Paul Gruner, Director-at-Large
BSc Psychology (2000); MBA 2012

Marianne Sprague
BA Economics / General Business (2002) & BA First Nations Studies (2008)

Carolynne Burkholder-James, Director-at-Large
BA Political Science (2005)

Dhruv Desai, Director-at-Large
MSc Computer Science (2016)