Active Minds Computer Camps

Computers 101

(Ages 10+)

Be a computer scientist for a week! Gear up for a crash course in computer programming and language. Campers will get a chance to learn the basics of programming logic with the goal of answering the question “what does it mean to think like a programmer?” Because there’s so much to know about computers, also learn the basics of computer hardware design, and webpage design, while focusing on the fun and innovative ways that computers can help us in our daily lives. By the end of the week campers will have been challenged in various computer programming tasks as well as have a new tool belt of computer skills.

Easy Robotics

(Ages 10+)

Technology is progressing at light speed, enabling robots to accomplish astonishing tasks efficiently without human intervention. Spend a week with Active Minds engrossed in the wonders robotic technology has to offer by using Lego Mindstorms to develop a robot! By using the various sensors included in the Mindstorms Kits, your robot will have the ability to walk, talk, detect objects, and so much more! This beginner-level course introduces the possibilities of technology, while also making new friends. Other camp activities will involve creative thinking, sharpening programming logic and virtual experimentation. These camps will provide a hands-on learning environment that will challenge your child's mind.

Next Level Robotics

(Ages 10+)

Couldn't get enough of Easy Robotics? Of course not! It's robotics! Next Level Robotics further develops the learning of robotics by allowing even more creative freedom with your robot! Didn't do Easy Robotics but are familiar with how to use Mindstorms? Perfect! Come on over! It is designed for those already familiar with Mindstorms. If your child thinks they may need a refresher course, its recommended that Easy Robotics is done first as Next Level Robotics is more fast-paced. Either way this camp asks: can we do even more with this robot? Join in the fun and push the envelope of what you think is possible and engage in creative robotic engineering. Overall, this camp is a fun-packed way to learn about robotics and help enrich problem-solving abilities.