Consultaions & Workshops


UNBC Counselling Services also offers consultation services to faculty, staff, family of students and community members.   

  • Concerns about a particular student. 
  • Crisis response for an individual. a
  • University-wide crisis response. 
  • Training for staff, faculty and students. 
  • Community programs and incentives.   


The counsellors at UNBC Counselling Services facilitate workshops and training opportunities throughout the year.  Some workshops are provided to departments/groups as requested, and some may be scheduled for any interested individuals.

  • Communication skills training for Residence Assistants.   
  • Crisis response training for volunteers at the Women’s Centre. Similar training has also been provided for regional staff at UNBC. 
  • Communication skills training for Orientation Ambassadors. 
  • Self-care for volunteers. 
  • Stress management workshops. 
  • Workshops for parents of new students.