Welcome to UNBC's VPN Service

  • To start using UNBC's VPN please install the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client software prior to connecting
  • Choose the appropriate client from the list below
  • Install instructions by OS are also listed below

VPN Clients available for download​:

Install Instructions:

How to connect

Open the Cisco AnyConnect Client and enter:

UNBC Login information requires only username and password.  No uni\ is required on login.

What is a VPN and why you would want to use it?

A virtual private network (VPN) extends the UNBC network through the Internet enabling users to access UNBC resources as if they are connected locally to the campus network.  Furthermore, VPN traffic is encrypted between remote computers and the campus network in order to keep the data travelling through it private and secure. 

Computers using the UNBC VPN system have all of the benefits of locally connected computers, including access to resources such as shared drives (H: and G: drive) which are normally unavailable for access from off campus.

Another benefit to using the VPN system is that it can be used to secure a local network connection keeping those around you from being able to access your network traffic. This is especially useful in places where one must use a non-encrypted wireless network such as in a cafe or airport. On a non-encrypted wireless network, it is easy for people to intercept your network traffic.  The UNBC VPN service provides protection in such circumstances as well.

Using the UNBC VPN system from such locations encrypts your data all the way to the UNBC network.