The vision is one of "Contributing Together" to provide exemplary service. The departments are interdependent units of competence that function collaboratively to lead and support the mission of the university and its plans through Service, Leadership, Responsiveness and Development of Staff. This vision will be implemented throughout the UNBC region by: practicing collaboration and cooperation; establishing a climate of encouragement; expecting a broader involvement within the University and community; and treating others as leaders in their respective areas.

Robert Knight, Vice President Finance and Business Operations


  1. UNBC will provide a quality service to the university community
  2. UNBC will provide expert administrative service leadership
  3. UNBC will be responsive to community needs
  4. UNBC will encourage the ongoing development of staff


To meet the service goal the following objectives have been identified:
  1. Align and coordinate services and standards with institutional goals
  2. Maintain continuous liaison with clients and partners
  3. Plan improvements on an on- going basis
  4. Establish atmosphere and procedures for open accountability
To meet the leadership goal the following objectives have been identified:
  1. Identify financial and administrative implications of institutional initiatives
  2. Anticipate future needs
  3. Provide expert advice both internally and externally
  4. Plan strategic deployment of resources for future developments (stewardship)
  5. Support and encourage initiative and the implementation of new ideas
To meet the responsive goal the following objectives have been identified:
  1. Consult widely on major initiatives
  2. Listen to constituents and respond to concerns
  3. Enable and encourage others
  4. Challenge the process
  5. Involvement in a broader range of initiatives will be supported/encouraged
  6. Make decisions in a timely fashion
  7. Encourage the implementation of a system of prioritization
To meet the development of staff goals the following objectives have been identified:
  1. Provide support structure for on-going professional development
  2. Expect professional development as part of the job
  3. Design and maintain staff development programs
  4. Promote educational enrichment and encouragement