About the Market

The University Farmers' Market (the UFM) is a volunteer-run, weekly market of local vendors held at the Northern Undergraduate Student Centre (NUSC) Event Space at UNBC. The UFM seeks to promote local sustainability by creating a local market that addresses environmental, economic and social/health issues around food production and locally made products. The University Farmers’ Market is distinguished by our:

  1. broad, volunteer-driven community of UNBC faculty, students and staff, who work together to promote the common good and to demonstrate a positive approach to sustainability and grassroots change.

  2. sustainability mandate, guided by a fundamental principle to encourage, promote and support the use of “local” and low-impact practices and lifestyles.

  3. commitment to promoting local and sustainable food systems on campus and supporting local producers.

The UFM seeks to abide by the BC Association of Farmers’ Market’s definition of a farmers’ market as:

A market comprised exclusively (100%) of vendors who make, bake, grow or raise the products they sell, of which a majority of the vendors are selling farm products of British Columbia origin (BCAFM, 2010).

Following this definition, the University Farmers’ Market aims to recruit a diverse mix of vendors and products, with a target of 60% or more local foods and 40% or less of local crafts. The UFM defines local food as food produced within the province of British Columbia. However, the UFM will give priority to vendors residing within our geographic boundaries (see Boundary Map). Products from outside the geographic boundary will only be permitted on a non-competing basis.

Contact Information

Market Manager
Chantel Kozachenko

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