WSOC: Hometown product Morgan Holyk to bring attacking mindset to TWolves

Women's Soccer
June 1, 2020

The University of Northern British Columbia’s Women’s Soccer team has added a tremendously talented player from Prince George, officially announcing the commitment of attacking midfielder Morgan Holyk for the 2020-2021 Canada West season and beyond.

“It’s amazing to me that I get to represent not only the North, but to represent the Timberwolves at the highest level there is in the country. I was brought up here, so it was a draw to represent the North and what we are capable of. I also like the programs at UNBC, and wanted to represent my home.”

Holyk started playing soccer at four-years-old in the PGYSA program, before joining the Junior Timberwolves / EPIC Academy three years ago. She was able to learn from UNBC head coach Neil Sedgwick and assistant coach Joanne Wankling, while training alongside members of the TWolves varsity roster.

“The first time I met Neil was in EPIC Academy, and I always appreciated how he was looking for a growth mindset, saying ‘try this one more time, or ’let’s extend that little bit further’. I started training with UNBC and I noticed everyone on the team is like-minded. Everybody is pushing themselves a little bit further, and they want to be there and train hard. That was something that pulled me to the team.”

A smooth athlete who covers plenty of pitch with her speed and acceleration, the five-foot-four Holyk has been focused on playing soccer at the university level for years.  

“I actually heard about university soccer through Paige (Payne) and Hannah (Emmond), when I was just a little kid, listening to them talk at the fields. That’s when I started to realize it was something I wanted as well. It took a lot of extra training. Pushing myself one step further to maybe do it a little better.”

Sedgwick identified Holyk as a prospect a number of years ago, citing her athletic possibilities and willingness to learn as strengths. The Timberwolves’ coach says his newest recruit profiles as a future impact player at the Canada West level.

“We are thrilled to have Morgan joining the Timberwolves Program. She has trained with us in our Academy for nearly three years. We have seen her develop from a young player with strong athletic potential into an individual who has solid understanding of what it will take to play at the university level. Morgan has attended our prospect camps and has trained with and against university players for three years on top of the weekly consistent instruction of our Academy. Development occurs when there is consistent messaging and Morgan has benefited from training in close proximity to top level U SPORTS players who have done a fantastic job to share their messaging with her.”

The 18-year-old understands the jump from youth soccer to university soccer is substantial, but she is prepared for the challenge. Holyk is known for her team-first approach to the game, and she is excited to push herself in her first U SPORTS season.

“I am very attack-minded. I like to dribble and I like to break lines. I am always looking for that through ball that subtly breaks the defenders’ lines. Just always looking to attack. I know everything is going to be faster. Everyone is going to be top-skilled. I am just excited to see how I fit into that.”

The Principal’s List honouree is set to graduate from College Heights Secondary in June, and has been accepted into the Northern BC Nursing Program. She will join her new TWolves teammates in the fall, and is ready to play the sports she loves in front of her hometown fans.

“It’s a physical game, and you’re constantly thinking mentally. It’s the best of both worlds.  Ok, what’s the next move? Where am I going to fit into this next play? How am I going to help my team?”