Dr. Steven Cronshaw

Acting Chair, School of Business
Professor, Human Resources Management

MA, PhD Industrial and Organizational Psychology, University of Akron
BA Psychology, University of Saskatchewan
BComm Accounting, University of Saskatchewan

Office:      Prince George Campus
                Teaching and Learning Building
                Rm 10-4506
Tel:          250-960-6785
Fax:         250-960-6763
E-mail:     steven.cronshaw@unbc.ca

Steve Cronshaw
Research Interests
Dr. Cronshaw has conducted research and published in the areas of job analysis, leadership, utility analysis, personnel selection, and human rights in employment.  His present scholarly efforts are devoted to developing a theory of work ecology. In this work, he traces the development of modern work to its roots in the complex interplay of human evolution since the origin of our species and sociocultural developments since the advent of the city state.  He shows that the ecological processes fundamental to adaptation and functioning in the modern workplace are isomorphic with, and are analytically derivable from, human capabilities enabled through human evolutionary and cultural history.

Dr. Cronshaw is on sabbatical from July 1, 2013 to July 1, 2014.