Grant Application Information

UNBC researchers may wish to describe the Social Science Research Lab facility as a part of the in-kind contribution in a grant application. You may use the following paragraph to help you describe the infrastructure:

UNBC’s Social Science Research Lab, which was funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund and private partners, can provide the infrastructure for such a project. It has a dedicated server as well as state of the art digital recording equipment and editing capabilities. The purpose of the social Science Research Lab was to create the opportunity to bring together communities and researchers. This project will use this existing infrastructure to …

Working out the actual in-kind contribution will depend on which equipment you use and whether or not you will use space in the lab. You can figure out approximate rental rates and use these as estimates for in-kind contribution or by looking at the difference between the ‘University’ rate and the private sector rate as the in-kind contribution.

Please contact Dr. Jim Randall to find out about lab availability.