Research Week 2020

Save the date - March 2nd - 6th 2020

Research Week is a celebration of the increasingly innovative and collaborative research that happens at UNBC and beyond. The week consists of various events which celebrate and showcase the groundbreaking and interdisciplinary research on and beyond the UNBC campus. The aim is to bring researchers from various disciplines together and create a favourable atmosphere for developing innovative research ideas. Research Week is an amalgamation of the UNBC Graduate Conference, Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) Celebration and Postdoc Day of Research events.

Research Week allows attendees and participants to experience and showcase research at all levels and in all disciplines from a diverse group of researchers who engage and collaborate from the local to the global scale. Exploring various areas of research through a variety of research approaches, our researchers are reaching beyond boundaries and changing lives.

Let’s celebrate research. Be inspired, form new collaborations and learn what is happening on campus and beyond.

The entire University community and the general public are invited to attend Research Week. 

Featured events include:

For more information about Research Week, please contact: