An update regarding food services workers

October 14, 2018

Over the weekend, the union agreed to restrict picket locations in the event of labour action. This does not necessarily mean that job action will occur.

Picket locations will be permitted at the following locations:

  • The three outside entrances off the Agora Courtyard (the one near the dining hall, and the two sets of doors near the Canfor Winter Garden).
  • The doors into the Canfor Winter Garden’s upper level.
  • The McCaffray Hall loading bay – the Union’s intent is to stop vehicles making deliveries to Chartwells. They will stand down their pickets for other vehicles. 

UNBC employees are expected to be at work as it is not necessary to cross a picket line. The University expects classes to continue as per the normal schedule.

In the event of job action, Chartwells is prepared to offer food services to those who use the meal plan:

  • Food service delivery will depend on the extent of job action.
    • Food service operations for those on the meal plan will continue.
    • Operations may be reduced to limited times.
    • Stackers Deli and Tim Horton’s may be closed.
  • UNBC will provide pro-rated reimbursement to people who pay for the meal plan. Again, this depends on the extent of disruption.
  • Catering will be provided for functions that have already booked services.

We understand the two entities continue to negotiate; the University urges the parties to come to an agreement that can avoid service disruption for our students and employees.

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