Student Public Transit Initiative Achieves Its Goal

January 28, 2015

Prince George, BC – A group of UNBC students have achieved their goal of raising enough money to support the provision of free public transit in Prince George during the 2015 Canada Winter Games.

The project, managed by the UNBC Sustainability Committee, is entitled UNBC Students Pave the Way. Committee members approached businesses and other organizations in the region, encouraging them to sponsor free transit.

Pave the Way
Members of UNBC Students Pave the Way, along with representatives for partnering organizations and donors at the bus loop of UNBC.  Download high-resolution image

In the end, the students raised more than $37,000, which covers the anticipated revenue lost by providing free transit during the Games. The students collected donations from nearly 40 separate organizations, and raised enough money to fund transit from Feb. 12 to March 1.

The aim of UNBC Students Pave the Way is to reduce congestion at a time when 2,400 athletes, 1,000 coaches and officials, and thousands of other visitors will be in Prince George. Free transit will encourage more people to take the bus, reducing pollutants and contributing to better air quality in Prince George by taking cars off the road. Free transit would also encourage more people to participate in the Games by making transportation more affordable. This will promote social inclusion.

“In order for the 2015 Games to be successful and sustainable, we will need to be able to move people around the city as efficiently and with as little traffic as possible,” says Mayor Lyn Hall of Prince George. "On behalf of Council and the citizens of Prince George, I would like to thank the UNBC Students Pave the Way campaign for showing such foresight and initiative. I am pleased Council saw fit to support their efforts by waiving more than $2,000 worth of transit fees, and I would like to thank the Province for their major role in financing public transportation in BC. The Pave the Way initiative brings us a long way towards a very successful 2015 Games."

“UNBC Students Pave the Way is a great example of the work our students do to promote sustainability and contribute to the Prince George community,” says UNBC President Daniel Weeks. “This project will be a benefit for the University, the City, and the Games, and I congratulate the students on their outstanding accomplishment.”

“The last few months have presented a very unique, exciting opportunity to collaborate with my UNBC peers and the Prince George community to find a way to make the 2015 Canada Winter Games more sustainable and truly accessible for everyone,” says Danika Doucette, a UNBC student and committee member. “I'm so grateful to every single person that helped make this happen.”

Public transit in Prince George costs $25,500 per weekday in total, $11,900 of which come from the Province and $13,600 from the City of Prince George. Approximately $3,900 comes from prepaid passes and $2,100 from cash and tickets.

For a full list of donors, click here.

PRG infographic
Infographic courtesy BC Transit


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