TransCanada Funds Student Training Spaces

August 19, 2014
UNBC Acting President Mark Dale and TransCanada Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project Safety Manager Dale O'Dwyer. Download high-resolution image

Prince George, BC – Two dozen students will be able to take a UNBC Continuing Studies  Occupational Health and Safety Officer training course at no cost thanks to a donation from TransCanada Corporation’s Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project.

The $82,500 contribution to UNBC, part of TransCanada’s Pathway to Pipeline Readiness program, will cover the course costs for 24 students enrolled in the program based in Prince George beginning Sept. 22 and running through Dec. 5. Students will learn a variety of skills, from identifying appropriate occupational health and safety pieces of legislation and regulations to developing emergency response plans and auditing an organization’s overall safety system.

“This funding from TransCanada’s Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project helps more students access specialized training opportunities through UNBC’s Continuing Studies program,” UNBC Acting President Mark Dale said. “The Occupational Health and Safety Officer training course gives students the chance to upgrade their risk assessment skills and increase their employment potential in British Columbia’s growing natural resources sector.”

The safe construction and operation of energy infrastructure projects will be an important component in the liquefied natural gas industry. Health and Safety Officers play an important role in ensuring projects meet those standards.

“The importance of building a strong, skilled workforce in Northern BC can’t be emphasized enough,” said Dean Patry, President, Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project. “Should even a few of the LNG processing plants and their related natural gas pipelines be approved, the demands on the existing labour force will be tremendous. Programs that promote a safe work environment are just as important as the actual construction. As such, the Occupational Health and Safety Officers training program forms an integral part of that future labour force.”

The course is open to members of the general public over the age of 18 and who are residents of British Columbia. For more information on eligibility and for details on how to apply, contact UNBC Continuing Studies Coordinator Rob Bryce at 250-960-5982.


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