UNBC Unveils Refreshed University Plan

November 5, 2010
UNBC President George Iwama has unveiled a new University Plan that affirms the vision and purpose of UNBC while charting a bold course for the future.

The various sections of the Plan describe UNBC as a community and a place of learning, scholarship, and service. It also conveys a desire to be among the world’s best universities by building on strengths related to the environment, First Nations, health and quality of life, the sustainability of northern communities, and the innovative delivery of courses and programs.

“In developing this Plan, I came to respect and appreciate the emotional connection so many people have with this University,” says Dr. Iwama, who became UNBC President on July 1, 2009. “I feel this Plan is true to the vision of the founders, who would accept nothing less than an excellent, research-intensive university that would serve this magnificent region. I feel the Plan is also relevant to our students and alumni who embody the promise and potential of the University and its people.”

The Plan concludes with six goals:
  • As Canada’s Green University, be a leader in renewable energy
  • To engage all of our undergraduate students in research or experiential learning
  • To enrich the learning experience through new pedagogical models
  • To increase the impact of our research through enhancing capacity and building external linkages
  • To encourage a respectful, supportive, exciting, and friendly environment throughout the University
  • To transform our communities through the contributions of our alumni
“Building on these broad goals, the University is developing an action plan that identifies particular activities and strategies related to each of these goals. In this way, the University will be focused as it matures and grows,” adds Dr. Iwama.

The University Plan – 2010 is the result of consultation with members of the university community around northern British Columbia, including students, alumni, faculty and staff, and supporters. Printed copies are available and the Plan can also be accessed online at www.unbc.ca/president.

Media: George Iwama will be available for interviews on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 9:00am. Dr. Iwama will also be in the Winter Garden at 11:30am  to discuss the University Plan. Contact Anne Rushton to arrange an appointment: 250.960.5600.
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George Iwama
UNBC President George Iwama

UNBC's University Plan 2010

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Anne Rushton, Executive Assistant to the President, UNBC - 250.960.5600

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