Don Cozzetto Installed as UNBC President

October 28, 2006
“In the name of the University of Northern British Columbia, and by the authority vested in me by the Board of Governors, I now install you, Don A. Cozzetto, in the Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor, and I invest you with the authority and privileges and charge you with the duties and responsibilities pertaining to that high Office.”   With these words, UNBC Chancellor Peter Bentley officially installed Don Cozzetto as UNBC’s fourth president. Among the 400 attendees were UNBC founders, Dr. Cozzetto’s family, faculty, students and employees, and representatives of two-dozen colleges and universities from throughout BC and across Canada.

“It is clear that UNBC has accomplished a great deal over the past 16 years, but much remains to be done,” said President Cozzetto in his inaugural address. “Demands and expectations from government, industry, and students will continue to grow. UNBC is now at a crossroads in its development: we can either choose status quo or we can become actively committed in new and creative ways to advancing the role of higher education in improving the lives of all British Columbians.”

Dr. Cozzetto further outlined a vision for UNBC that involves embracing change in ways that promote excellence. These opportunities include expanding regional program delivery, using multimedia technology to better serve rural regions, connecting research to the needs of communities and industries, and energizing the 5500 UNBC alumni. The University is planning to undertake a major fundraising campaign, implement a four-year scholarship guarantee, and use the new Northern Sport Centre as a platform for expanding participation in university athletics.

“Imagine for a moment what remarkable opportunities lie ahead for the University of Northern British Columbia if, together, we dare to dream of a better future, if we embrace change with conviction and tenacity, and if we steadfastly promote excellence in all we do.”

Dr. Cozzetto came to UNBC after spending 18 years as a university administrator in the United States. He was born and raised in southeastern BC, however, and worked for a decade in Canada’s North. He follows Geoffrey Weller (1991 – 1995), George Pedersen (1995), and Charles Jago (1995 – 2006) as President of UNBC.
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