Assessing The Economic Impacts Of The 2010 Olympics

February 18, 2004 For Immediate Release

The UNBC Economics program and the Northern Economics Student Society at UNBC are hosting a public symposium in February that will focus on the economic impacts of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The symposium will look at where the costs and benefits might occur as well as discussing how northern businesses and organisations might take advantage of 2010.
"Proponents have argued that the increase in tourism and international exposure will have lasting benefits for the whole province. Others believe that the costs outweigh the benefits. There are others who feel that the Lower Mainland will reap the majority of the economic benefits, even though the true cost of hosting the Games will be borne by all provincial taxpayers," says Kwabena Owusu, President of the UNBC Economics student society. "This symposium will provide a venue to discuss all of these points of view."
The event will begin at 2:15pm on Wednesday, February 25, in Conference Centre room 6-205.
- 2:15pm Welcome addresses by UNBC President Charles Jago and Prince George Mayor Colin Kinsley.
- 2:30pm Ian Tait, former Director of Community Relations for the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation.
- 4:00pm Panel discussion. Mike Trethaway and Ian Kincaid (InterVISTAS Consulting) have produced an economic impact of the 2010 Games. Marvin Shaffer has completed a Games cost-benefit analysis.
All of the events are open to the public.

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